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Nourishing our little ones: How a dietitian can boost your child's interest in eating!

Ensuring that children receive proper nutrition is foundational for their growth, development and overall health. But what if your child refuses to eat a wide range of foods?

At Nourish, Feed and Thrive we guide you through the complexities of eating and nutrition, following the principles of responsive feeding to nurture the feeding relationship between you and your child. This trust-based approach supports a safe mealtime environment that allows your child to grow their interest in foods. Eating is not solely about the nutrients a child’s body needs, it is also an opportunity for social interaction, connection with family and enjoyment!

Do I hear you say, “I don’t want my child to miss out on the nutrition they need for their growth and development”. You do not need to worry! There are many ways we can support your child’s overall nutrition and growth while we work on the small steps towards increasing diet variety. This helps take away the pressure (and stress) you may feel when trying to get them to eat all of the foods you think they should be eating to be healthy.

We support your child to thrive while working towards achieving feeding goals at their own pace.

We believe there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. Each child is unique, requiring individualised strategies to support nutrition intake. Our ultimate goal is to empower you with the knowledge and tools needed to support your child’s nutritional well-being. Fostering healthy mealtime habits early in life, to lay the foundation for a lifetime of positive and healthy relationships with food.

At Nourish, Feed & Thrive we are with you through every step of the journey. If you have any concerns in between appointments, we are always available to help our families, through all the ups and downs, to achieve stress free and successful feeding.

If you are not already getting support from one of our therapist, we would love to take this journey with you! Please get in touch.


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