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Investment & Funding

Comprehensive Initial Assessments (Feeding + speech)

  • $350 for 90 mins + report

Also included: 2 weeks of text/email follow up regarding any issues that are already in your care plan. 

Paediatric Initial Assessment (Feeding or speech)

  • $250 for a 60 minute + written report

Infant Feeding Assessment (milk + solids)

  • $250 for a 60 minute + written report


  • $180  for 60 mins

  • $145  for 45 mins


  • $180 for reports

  • $100 for a summary. 


  • $25 for over 15 minutes of travel 



All NDIS services are charged at the NDIS recommended rate

  • 45min (+15 mins non-face to face) = $193.99

  • Travel = $16.11 per 5 minutes of travel 

Enhanced Care Plan (ECP)

Your GP may write you a ECP , which enables you to receive a Medicare rebate of $52.90 for up to 5 sessions ( or more if you have reached the Medicare Rebate Safety Net for the year). A report/letter must be written back to the GP as part of using the ECP program.


Private Health funds

Your private health fund may give you more rebate, so check with the fund. The codes are:

Initial Assessment: 310 or 320

Ongoing therapy: 330 or 340

Image by Katie Emslie

Caring For Our Community

We understand that accessing private support services can have a significant impact on a family financially and emotionally. If your child is not eligible for a Medicare rebate, NDIS, or private health cover, please speak to us about your situation. We will work with you to make a plan so that no child misses out of the help they need.

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